Thread Lift


Our body’s natural ageing process leads to a reduction in elastic tissue and collagen causing the facial fat pads to descend. This skin laxity results in the development of jowls and lower facial heaviness. Thread lifts are designed to lift, support and tighten the skin to provide a more youthful appearance without the downtime of surgery.

PDO Thread treatment, also known as the ‘thread lift’, is used to lift the face and neck area. The threads are made from a material also used for dissolvable medical stitches. Your body will gradually develop new collagen around these threads creating a subtle yet effective face lift.

The threads are inserted through small entry points and expertly positioned with flexible cannulas. On removal of the cannula, the thread remains in the tissue. Unlike traditional surgery there is no scarring and recovery times are very significantly shorter.

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A combination of a Thread-Lift with Dermal Fillers to reposition sagging skin followed by replacement of volume deficiency and contour will often provide the most superior results. Profhilo, a Skin Boosting hyaluronic acid, works well alongside PDO threads as both treatments initiate new collagen production extending the duration of the effect.

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Treatment Summary

Procedure time

60 - 120 minutes

Recommended no. of treatments




Side effects

Swelling, bruising, soreness, asymmetry, infection, initial minor tethering and some localised skin gathering


Immediate - new collagen formation continues over 18 - 24 months

Duration of results

12 - 36 months

Back to work

2 days - 1 week

Full recovery

2 - 3 weeks

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    “Fantastic dr Libby has full on experience of a natural look, I’ve had Botox,fillers & an advanced thread lift all painless, very pleased with the result I look refreshed & not fake”

    Heidi Seddon

    “Thank you for your recommendations for my skin care regime my pour size has reduced, my skin is glowing, and I look so much fresher. My skin has never looked so good. I’m so pleased with the results!”

    Emma D

    “Beautiful aesthetics is what this clinic strives for…not plumped up caricatures. Have always been pleased with the results after receiving treatments from Jenny and now Libby. The clinic now has a lovely new treatment room in keeping with their high standards. I highly recommend.”

    Jane Adams