Facial Slimming / Bruxism


One of the principle causes for a square heavy contour to the lower face and jaw is an excessive build-up of the jaw muscles (masseters). This may be caused by chronic jaw muscle tension, sometimes associated with teeth grinding (Bruxism). Reducing the bulk of the masseter muscles produces a slimming effect.

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Expert placement of muscle relaxing injections (Botox) into the masseter muscles is a highly effective non-surgical solution to reduce the width of the lower face. This treatment is also very successful in reducing jaw muscle tension and to lessen the effects of clenching and teeth grinding.

The effect on the muscles is transient and the treatment will need to be repeated after 3-4 months until the muscle bulk had reduced to the ideal level and then 6 monthly once the desired results have been achieved.

Dr Boone is committed to help you achieve the best possible results, taking into account your individual needs and goals.

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Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

10-15 minutes

Recommended no. of treatments

One every 4-6 months



Side effects

brusing, soreness


2 weeks

Duration of results

4-6 months

Back to work


Full recovery

1 hour - 2 days

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    “So happy with my treatment here, Absolutely superb results ♡”

    Michele beale

    “Beautiful aesthetics is what this clinic strives for…not plumped up caricatures. Have always been pleased with the results after receiving treatments from Jenny and now Libby. The clinic now has a lovely new treatment room in keeping with their high standards. I highly recommend.”

    Jane Adams

    “Fantastic dr Libby has full on experience of a natural look, I’ve had Botox,fillers & an advanced thread lift all painless, very pleased with the result I look refreshed & not fake”

    Heidi Seddon