Do thread veins on your legs hamper your enjoyment of holidays and make you feel self-conscious when wearing shorts, skirts and swimming costumes? Would you like to be able to bare your legs with confidence?

Micro-sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating thread veins on the legs. This safe non-surgical procedure, when performed by Dr Elizabeth can greatly improve the appearance of your legs. Treatment involves injecting a sclerosant solution into those unsightly thread veins using a very fine needle. The veins recede and over the course of a number of treatments and gradually disappear completely.

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Do I have to wear support stockings after my sclerotherapy treatment?

Although some patients choose to leave their stockings on for a minimum of three days and achieve very good results, to achieve the very best results, we recommend wearing graduated compression stockings for a full 14 days and nights after treatment. The patients who enjoy the very best treatment results are the ones who religiously keep their stockings on without interruption for the full fortnight. Brown iron-staining in the skin is more likely to happen if you do not use adequate compression post-treatment.

Will micro-sclerotherapy work for my varicose veins?

Micro-sclerotherapy works best for fine thread-veins and small reticular veins.

Will my thread veins come back after treatment?

If you have underlying un-treated varicose veins, then your thread-veins are more likely to recur.

What causes thread-veins to appear?

Low levels of tissue oxygen levels reaching the tissues is the most likely cause for thread-veins to appear. This may happen if the skin is compressed by tight clothing such as skinny jeans or there has been poor tissue circulation from varicose veins or prolonged standing.


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Treatment Summary

Procedure time

30 minutes

Recommended no. of treatments

One - Four



Side effects

Bruising, initial reddening of veins, pigmentation, sores


3 - 6 weeks

Duration of results

Permanent (new veins may develop)

Back to work


Full recovery

3 - 6 weeks

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    “So happy with my treatment here, Absolutely superb results ♡”

    Michele beale

    “Beautiful aesthetics is what this clinic strives for…not plumped up caricatures. Have always been pleased with the results after receiving treatments from Jenny and now Libby. The clinic now has a lovely new treatment room in keeping with their high standards. I highly recommend.”

    Jane Adams