How to get to the Kington Cottage clinic?

The clinic is located at the following address: 

Kington Cottage

4 Sutton Road

Kington Langley


Please use your SatNav and navigate to  SN15 5NE post code. 

(If you do not use SatNav click here for detailed instructions)

You will approach a narrow lane marked as Sutton Rd.

As you drive into Sutton Rd (approximately 100 meters from the the main road) you will come to a thatched cottage with ‘stone mushrooms’ running along its boundary fence, the road bends to the left. 

 Please continue the drive along the lane. 

The clinic is located in the 4th property presented in the picture below.



If the electric wooden gate is open please park at the cottage driveway. In case the driveway is occupied or the gate is closed, feel free to park in the locations marked below and use the pedestrian gate in front of the main door. 

Before your appointment

Appointments are arranged with Dr. Boone’s PA only. 

Dr. Boone will approach you and invite inside or please knock at the front door closer to your scheduled appointment.


If you need any additional assistance please call Dr. Boone assistant Nikki. 

With best wishes,

PA to:
Dr Elizabeth Boone who is registered with the Royal College of Surgeons (England) as a Specialist in Oral and Facial reconstruction, senior lecturer at Bristol University Hospital and expert practitioner in aesthetic medicine –
BDS, MJDF, MClin Dent Pros (Hons)
The Highgrove Skin Clinic